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Marble Surface
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Image by Bernard Hermant
Marble Surface
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About Us

Bathroom World Supplies website represents manufacturers of products for use in the modern bathroom.

Our manufacturers have a strong- western influence and exacting onsite management. The team is proactively involved in all aspects of design and manufacturing.

Stringent quality control and use of Robotic and CNC equipment is a vital part of our manufacturing processes. This allows us to meet environmental laws, and have high standards for efficiency, quality and production capacity.


Due to the skills and  diversity of our manufacturing and design teams, products can be designed at the customer’s request. We can supply an animated video showing the products assembly. For some customers, ownership of tooling costs can be shared with Bathroom World Supplies.

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All trays are processed using robotics in key areas of manufacture


Marble Surface

Shower Doors

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Shower Trays

Marble Surface

Bath Screens

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Marble Surface


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