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Shower Trays

Marble Surface

Bathroom World Supplies representatives have been designing, manufacturing, and exporting trays for more than 15 years.

Shower trays are manufactured for strength, durability, with modern aesthetics. These trays have various heights of upstands of up to 40mm, this gives secure water tightness. Our trays are manufactured from ABS/Acrylic with an available option of solid acrylic on request. 

Robotics used during production, and laminate post curing of trays, forms a large part of our manufacturing techniques which ensures the production of quality trays.

Solid-works is used to design tooling which is built by our supplier. This ensures shower trays will be accurately manufactured to meet rigorous quality standards.

Trays are available in White or black, and with a surface pattern on request.

Marble Surface

Standard Shower Trays

Standard trays are manufactured with 2 or 3 upstands for security against seepage to the surrounding walls or floor. 

The upstand of the tray is trimmed to give an 8mm upstand width. When the tray is in place, a rock board or fibreboard is placed onto the top of the upstand. This allows the shower wall tiles or cladding to cover the upstand giving a complete secure seal.

Marble Surface
Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Four Upstand Shower Trays

Marble Surface

These trays are designed to be fitted into the walls whichever  way round they are placed. Both centre waste and corner waste options are available. This type of tray provides for right or left fitting.


The four-upstand tray allows the door and return screen to sit tightly behind the upstand preventing water leakage onto the floor.

Four Updstand

Tile-able Shower Trays.

Marble Surface
Image by Scott Webb
Tile Tray 945.jpg

The tile tray gives a secure base for tiling. When installed the base design prevents water seepage to external walls and floors.

The tray uses a standard waste outlet fitting, a stainless-steel hub for tiling to, so any seepage through tiling tracks out through the waste.

Upstands allow the tile waterproof membrane to be secured onto the tray. 

Our supplied profile is fixed with silicone on the front edges of the tray base to prevent seepage to the floor, this profile is designed to also cap the tiles around the front edges of the tray.

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